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August 2017
Board business
Dear Nyenrodean,

Did you know that you could automatically link your LinkedIn profile to your profile on the Nyenrode Alumni VCV website? This is how you can turn yourself into actual news this silly season! And that our website is responsive now? This means that it has become easier to both register for events and to find fellow Nyenrodeans in the database using your smartphone.
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Online Career Center
The Career & Personal Development department of the university assists students and alumni to take the next step in their careers. It has launched the online Career Center now, accessible to alumni as well. The Career Center is also available as an app.
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Huey, Dewey & Louie, alumni of Merryrode
Donald Duck's nephews are going to Cryingrode, Institute for Exceptionally Gifted Whiz Kids. They are welcomed by Mr. Dully MA, Professor Von Quack and Rector Vice President Boiledbrain. Any resemblance to Nyenrode is purely coincidental, of course. Hilarious!
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Coaching management style
A surprisingly inspiring night by the Circle Business Spirituality on September 5, about managing teams, but yourself as well! You will be trained in verbal mastery, conversational communication, powerful sentences and their application, discussion and interviewing techniques and the power of influence.
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Cruise, BBQ and drinks in Zwolle
Join us on a cruise on the BBQ boat through the canals of Zwolle. While quietly cruising along beautiful parks and canal houses, you can enjoy an all-inclusive BBQ. Circle Zwolle organizes this fun, sociable and informal network evening on September 7.
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Nyenrode Cycling Classic 2017
Time to dig out your bike from the shed. Dust it off, lube the chain, inflate the tires and go! On September 10, a cycling tour you cannot miss out on: the Nyenrode Cycling Classic 2017. After the tour, you can enjoy the afterglow of your performance with snacks and draft beer.
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Ladies of steel
The Ladies Circle organizes a company visit to Tata Steel in IJmuiden on September 21. During this unique company visit, you will learn more about this interesting industry and how Tata Steel produces, processes and distributes steel.
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Nyenrode Haiku competition
A good Nyenrode Haiku contains depth, nature, contrast, recognition, a smile and it reads like a breeze. In June, for the first time ever, the award ceremony of the 'Nyenrode Haiku Challenge Trophy' took place in the Wapenzaal. And the winner is...
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Van Verre
The next issue themed WOTW France (275) will appear in September

C'est la vie
As a pensioner or young ambitious expat, alumni join the public discourse, play boules, cheer on AS Monaco and have swapped their cheese sandwich and a glass of milk for a hot lunch with a glass of wine. From Paris to the Provence, Nyenrodeans of all generations are enjoying the sweet life 'à la campagne'and the culture in the cities.

Wanted: Nyenrodeans in the media
The feature TumTum in our Van Verre magazine and our online newsletter will highlight Nyenrodeans who have appeared in the media.
Tip the editor if you spot media messages (television, radio, internet or printed press) in which a Nyenrodean you know plays a leading part!
The sports car brand Alpine is back. Autojunk talked with Alpine managing director Michael van der Sande (19840128) about the new A110 on the Concours d'Élégance at the Loo Palace. One of the two dealers in the Netherlands will be the Stam Groep, where Sipko de Ruiter (19910535) is the major shareholder. Towards the end of November, Alpine Center Soestdijk will be opened.
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Hitting the ground running
In the television program 'Ondernemend' (Enterprising) by RTV Drenthe, Julian Doorten (20130024) from Storage Share, a platform for storage supply and demand, is the guest. He talks about how he hit the ground running and the growth of the company and plans to expand abroad. And about the difference between working in Amsterdam and Hoogeveen.
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Who changed jobs or started a company?

Daphne Pit (19900138): 'Pit Pure Power is an internationally focused consultancy with the aim of accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable planet, society and economy. Through the work of Pit Pure Power, I pursue my two personal dreams: to help sustainability become mainstream and to help achieve energy access for everybody everywhere.'

Erwin de Zeeuw (20080301): Will be employed with VVV Nederland as the Director Giftcards as of August 1. Kees van Wijk, general manager VVV Nederland: 'I am happy about Erwin's joining our team. He is able to accelerate the digital and commercial developments within our company.'

More Jobbing
Nyenrode Fund
Course in Social Entrepreneurship
A social entrepreneur pursues social impact, in addition to healthy financial profits. For making a company grow successfully and sustainably, a business approach is essential. Would you like to contribute to the professionalization of the industry by training successful social entrepreneurs in the advanced program of the Course in Social Entrepreneurship?
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Fulltime MSc in Management redesigned with new tracks
The MSc course in Management offers the ideal combination of academic theory, personal development and practical relevance. Tailor-made for young professionals who are ready to face current business trends worldwide. As of January 2018, two new courses will be added to the program.
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Lean Management and customer value
Lean Management offers many opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to perform better and better with less and less resources. Erdogan Gülyaz (20110412) wrote a dissertation about: 'Extending Lean framework beyond conventional boundaries: Exploring value creation and appropriation in SMEs and services'.
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Ameland Beach Rugby Festival
Rugby Club Nijenrode was to represent Nyenrode at the annual beach rugby tournament on Ameland. 127 Teams had signed up to play at the tournament. Twenty-four Nyenrode men were looking forward to a guys-only weekend at last, during which we could enjoy ourselves, have fun and play a few games of rugby.
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Summerbreak after year one of BScBA
Egor Fiodarau reflects on his first year as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration student before going home for the summer break. 'I had an amazing experience at Nyenrode. Academically, socially and moreover, it is definitely wonderful to have friends here.'
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August 10
Boat trip in Amsterdam
Circle Marketing & Digital

August 18

Alumni dinner of the introduction period

September 2
Homecoming NOIB 1967

September 2
Heeren Vijf Garden Party

September 4
Homecoming Main Board members
Nyenrode Alumni VCV

September 5
Coaching management style
Circle Business Spirituality

September 7
Cruise, BBQ and drinks
Circle Zwolle

September 10
Nyenrode Cycling Classic
Circle Cycling

September 11
Nyenrode Alumni VCV Golf Tournament

September 12
Introductory evening Industrieele Groote Club
Nyenrode Alumni VCV

September 12
Innovation in marketing: Marketing King's speech
Circle Innovation Management

September 14
Career Event
Nyenrode Alumni VCV

September 20
Workshop leadership
Circle Interim Management

September 21
Company visit Tata Steel
Ladies Circle

September 21
Circle Transformation Management

September 23
Lustrum Luctor

September 27
Year representative day
Nyenrode Alumni VCV

October 6
Company visit
Circle Interim Management

October 6
Reunion NOIB 1964

October 7
Homecoming NOIB 1959

October 10
Homecoming NOIB 1955

October 20-22
Homecoming alumni University of Georgia
In Athens, Georgia

More Agenda

Save the date
November 3
Homecoming IDP-5

November 4

November 23
Refreshment Day
Nyenrode Alumni VCV
Olivier Pieter
July 10 2017
son of Robin Tielens (20150525) and Margot Vermue (20070127)

Piet Diebels

Frank Reith
Huib Bomas
Jan Vermeijden
Jons van der Mars

In Memoriam
Zwier Veldhoen

More Private
Bulletin board
Wanted: Commissioner Circles and Commissioner Member Recruitment!
The Main Board is looking for a new Commissioner Circles and a Commissioner Member Recruitment. Are you an enthusiastic and enterprising Nyenrodean with relevant experience? Apply now!
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